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I did so much decluttering today and one thing led to another and I found a new use for the spare shower caddy that was just lying around and didn’t have a purpose. It fits perfectly in my very narrow linen closet that had a very huge bottom shelf.

I can only imagine how many stuff that’s lying around in your house that you don’t want to give away can be repurpoed. Sky is the limit. I am not going to give you ideas. We have Pinterest for that now. I’m just saying, it can be done 🙂 Get creative.


And if you are wondering what my cleaning products are, they are the non toxic ones from Ava Anderson. Check out my post on A non-toxic step to know more about them.


A non-toxic Step

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Today I would like to share with you some of my experiences with using non toxic cleaning products. A friend of mine introduced me to Ava Anderson. They sell quality products without the harmful chemicals. They not only sell these products but also are in a mission to spread awareness on the increasing toxic substances in our day to day life.

I’ve used many cleaning products and the main issue is that they leave a strong odor behind. Not a pleasant one, but even if it is, it’s usually strong. Now if it’s going to be up in the air for a while, it’s definitely getting into our system. One thing I noticed on Ava bathroom and glass cleaners is that they don’t have a strong smell. They do have a pleasant fragrance from the tree oil, but even that smell does not linger.


I’ve also realized that a scarce amount of Ava cleaning product is enough to handle even tough spots. This gives an edge over other products, because the more you use, the more you are exposed! Simple math 🙂

Finally, the feeling of trying to make a non toxic home, even if it’s a tiniest step, is in itself a reward! Trust me, when you read the label, and I always do, it is a good feeling to know and understand what goes in to the products you use rather than reading a bunch of chemical names that scares you.

Ava also has a host of personal care, home care and skin care products. Be sure to check out the shop and I assure you that you will be glad you did.

If you are new to the whole non toxic thing, be sure to check out this link on why you should use non toxic products.



Mark your Calendars

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Kitchen is a place where there are a million tiny tasks that needs to be done. Okay, maybe not a million, but you know what I mean. If you lose track of these tiny tasks they could get neglected and easily pile up. And trust me, deep cleaning a kitchen is no fun.


My recommendation, is that every kitchen should have a calendar. You need one to mark important dates like when you changed the water filter refill, cleaned the range hood filters, de-cluttered the pantry, so on and so forth. These dates will help you mark when to do the task again.

Let me know in the comments below if you use calendar in your kitchen or any other things you use to keep track!



Back to the basics

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I’m not very comfortable posting before after pictures. But I took a little out of the ordinary step today. I had a very tough rust stain on my sink. I’ve been exposed and informed about non-toxic products recently, so I didn’t want to purchase a strong chemically loaded cleaning product to beat this stain.
FormatFactoryIMG_8156   So, back to the basics. I sprinkled some baking soda and drizzled  vinegar on top. Waited for an hour and voila!


I will be talking about my non-toxic cleaning product finds in the future posts.


It’s all about Association

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Have you ever been in one spot in the house and a chore always comes to mind and then you totally forget about it when you walk out of that room? For instance, you think that you should dust the window sill when you water the plants but never think about it until you come back the next day to water them. That’s what I meant!

Now, try to associate activities together so that they get done every time the other work is done. Like giving the sink a wipe down after your nightly dental routine, fluff the cushions whenever you switch off the tv.

Its all about association!



Meaningful Nooks

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If you have a small kitchen with minimal counter space, it would make more sense to abstract few elements that go together and make a meaningful nook by itself. For me, it was a coffee and tea station.

Moving things away from the counter and the cabinets would allow room for more stuff at the same time providing one dedicated place for certain activity that you might want to abstract.



21 Days to form a habit

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They say that it takes 21 days to form a habit. Recently I took a 21 day challenge. On a piece of paper, I wrote down the habit that I wanted to form, wrote days 1 through 21 and kept checking each day. You could make it interesting by adding stickers! And put it on somewhere you can see it constantly like a pin board. I even added a reward for myself if I complete the challenge.

The 21 day challenge worked out really well. The habit started sinking in almost at the end of first week. If you were able to finish a 21 day streak, it will be good enough to keep you going beyond that. Now I’m up for the next 21 day challenge.

Let me know if you tried this, and share your results in the comment.



I like Ribbon Bows!

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Weekends are the only time most of us get to give the entire house a cleanup and set it up for the next week. Which is why we never get to those areas that might need some extra attention, a little bit of sprucing up.

I try to do one small project every weekend, that would tackle a neglected area, or fulfill a long time Pinterest wishlist. It could just take about one hour of your weekend, but its an effort worthwhile.

This is what I got accomplished this weekend! I did some linen closet decluttering and organization with shelf liners and yes, my favorite, ribbon bows 🙂

Now go on and get started on the project you’ve been wanting to do for a longtime. But remember to enjoy your weekend!





Shop your Home

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​Its always exciting when you can find new uses for old stuff lying around. I’ve always found the IKEA side table not very appealing. Its black, simple and boring. We have two of those, one even had a rack. Recently when I was moving stuff around the house, I put those together and put a fluffy throw on top and voila! We now have a behind the couch table.

Its being used to hold all the stuff that you would need if you are in the living room. Its got the keys, remote controls, Bible study materials, board games and magazines. Things that were lying all over the room now have a home for itself!

Which is why I believe its a good idea to keep moving the furniture around or even brainstorm once in a while for ideas to shop the home.





Getting stated with a Pin board

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We have been so involved in Pinterest lately that Clayton and I decided to make a real pin board at home. The reason I brought this up on this series is the visual factor. For someone like me who is satisfied with checking off items on a to-do list and keeping track of little accomplishments throughout the day a pin board is a great motivator. Be it a cleaning schedule, a grocery list or goals for the year when its pinned up you have a sense of accountability and visibility.


Some of the items on my pin board include Goals for 2014, 2014 Reading list, Cleaning Schedule and a monthly planner. Additionally I put on temporary notes and grocery list for easy grab and go.

I like the little pin holder that pins to the board. Its the little things in life that make a difference.


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