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As I look back at 2015, I’m humbled and overwhelmed as I reflect on the following.

First, I’m reminded of the goodness of God! He has been an all sufficient God, providing for me and my family, keeping us sane through difficult situations, providing us guidance and wisdom in important decision making moments. His all-sufficiency has been overshadowing us throughout this year and for that I’m ever thankful!

Second, I’m reminded of His grace! Every moment I live, every step I take and everything I am, is by His grace. I’ve been reminded of this throughout this year through books I’ve read and sermons I’ve heard and personal experiences I went through. His grace was sufficient for me. Through the abundance of His grace, I’ve learnt to show grace to myself and others.

Third, I’m reminded of the memories we made together as a family, places we explored and new adventures we made together. You can find some of them under my Journal or Photography.

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