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What I learnt from my Goals in 2015

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When we were kids, every year on December 31st or January 1st, my mom would ask us to write down our resolutions for the new year. It was a good exercise, but there was a major flaw. The resolutions were unattainable, unrealistic and would fly out the window probably in the second week of January 🙂 As I grew up, I gave up on this tradition because nothing good came out of it, only regret and guilt :-/

In the last couple of years, I’ve discovered how to be realistic in setting goals and how to accomplish them. You might have heard of the SMART rule while goal setting. Your goals have to be Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time bound.

I read a book called Live for Him by Leigh Ann Dutton on how to have individual mission statements tied to the goals and have action plans for them. You can read more about the book here. You can click on the following affiliate link to buy the book.

IBG Live For Him

This and few other resources helped me understand what goal setting really means. I’ve learnt how to set goals and actually work on them. I’m going to share a few examples of my goals below and how I worked on accomplishing them.

Goal 1: Read 40 books

Now, this might seem like a huge and unrealistic goal. But the reason why I chose the number 40 was because I had read 15 books in 2014 and that was only in 9 months. In addition to that, I have 2 hours of commute time during the weekdays. I did the math and came up with the number 40. I haven’t accomplished this goal yet, (I am close to 30 books), because of something else that has been in my radar to work on during my commute. Still, this is a smart goal and I will know better when I plan next year’s reading goals. I should also mention that GoodReads has been an excellent tool in tracking this goal. Check out my GoodReads reading challenge here.

Goal 2: Prepare and Execute Meal Plan

I had to start making a meal plan because my work life and commute were consuming my personal time and I had to bring a system and reduce time spent in the kitchen. I also wanted to adapt some whole foods and healthy eating practices. So I decided to start planning my meals. There are several methods to achieving this, by I have adapted one that works for me. It still requires a lot of corrections and alterations. I’m learning week after week, but I could safely say I’ve attained this goal. My husband and I use Google Keep to share our grocery list and Meal Plans.

Goal 3: Continue Writing in the Blessing journal

I say continue, because I started a blessing journal in 2014 and I kept it very well and up to date. Not only is it a reminder of God’s blessings in our life, it is also a reminder of the important incidents and events that changed our lives. I’ve kept that journal through 2015 and it has been a tremendous blessing in itself! I might in 2016, write one thing everyday that I’m thankful for because God’s mercies are new every day!

Goal 4: Write at least 2 blog posts every week

This is a specific, measurable and achievable goal, but I haven’t been taking it seriously until almost the end of this year. I guess, I will keep this as is and try to work on it next year.

I hope you have been able to glean something for yourself from my experience and experiments with goal-setting. Take note that each goal needs to have a tool to measure them. This can be both for accountability as well as self motivation. I look forward to my new goals for 2016 and hope to share them with you sometime!

Live for Him: A Grace-filled Look at Planning

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