Ice Cream Stick

Wheel of Buttons

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I’m not sure how to name it. So I will just go with Wheel of Buttons.
I used ice cream sticks to stack up a wheel pattern and glued them on top of each other. I actually painter them before gluing. I applied a coat of gloss mod podge over the ice cream sticks.
Then I stuck buttons on the edges of the sticks and applied another coat of gloss mod podge.
I was saving the buttons for some other craft but I used them anyway and it turns out to be a lovely show piece and a original idea!

IceCream Stick Pen Stand

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Some ice cream sticks, metallic paints, and glue can create this hexagon shaped show piece. All you need to do is arrange one row of 3 sticks in a triangular shape, not close but the edges a little apart. Then alternate with another layer of sticks crisscrossing the previous layer. Apply glue before forming each layer.
The artistic stones pasted on top gives it a glossy look! It can be used as a pen stand or flower vase holder.