Yarn Wrapped – Remote Holder

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This is similar to the yarn wrapped flower vase that I made earlier by wrapping multi-colored yarn over an empty glass bottle. Glue the yarn on to the bottle at the beginning and end of the project. Once done, then apply one coat of gloss mod podge.
I just thought it would be different to use it as a remote control holder rather than a conventional flower vase!

Yarn Wrapped Flower Vase

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This is a wonderful way to put to use the leftover yarn from projects. All you need is an empty glass bottle, some yarn and mod podge.
Wrap the yarn over the bottle beginning from the top to bottom and glue the beginning and the ending portion of yarn. Then apply on coating of mod podge. I’ve used the gloss one to give it a shiny look. After 15 minutes, apply a second coating.
Use it as a flower vase for your own paper made flowers!

Ship in a Bottle

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This is a cool paper craft I purchased at Barnes and Noble at a bargain price. It is a kit that enables to easily build a ship inside a bottle.
It was fun making this and poses a beautiful artifact in the living room!