I won the Marriage Month Giveaway!

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Yes, you heard me! I won!! It came as a surprise when I heard that I won the Marriage Month Giveaway hosted by Kristen Smith of Smithspirations.

I have been reading blogs by Christian women lately (mostly about marriage) and Smithspirations is one among my good reads. So when they hosted this giveaway, I participated and to my surprise also won. This has been an encouragement to the blogging frenzy I’ve been into these days.

Here are the things I won:

Rekindling Romance E-kit by A Biblical Marriage

Lemongrass Spa Massage Oil by Nourishing Treasures

An Eternal Infinity Flexi-Clip, or New Customer Choice by Lilla Rose

A $20 Gift Card to Deborah & Co.

Giveaway Winner
Giveaway Winner

Six Months Already!

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In the first one year of marriage, every little thing calls for a celebration. Oh the bliss of being newly wedded!

Today, it was our six month anniversary. I decided to surprise Clayton with his favorite chocolate chip cupcakes.

While I was thinking that my cupcakes were going to be the ultimate surprise, Clayton showed up at the door in the evening with roses and strawberry cheese cake! Wow, marriage does bring out the romancer in you, doesn’t it?!
So we exchanged cakes and I cooked Ghee rice, Kerala Chicken roast (which in my husband’s own words were “the best chicken ever!”) and mango halwa.
It is always good to take a little time off the daily chores and celebrate the small things in life 🙂

The Wedsite…

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After several months of composing, drafting, editing and fine tuning, the wedding website is finally up! The site is designed to be unique from other wedding sites. To achieve this, Clayton and I did a lot of brainstorming, collaborated the thoughts and put it into this package. I must confess, that working together on this site with him, opened wide avenues for us to connect on intellectual and spiritual aspects.The site has a cool blue beach theme, a subtle instrumental of Amazing Grace in the background, there are interesting toasts for the bride and the groom by friends and relatives, there are few pictures of the both of us that takes us down memory lane and a lot more about the commitment of marriage and the wedding vows explained exclusively!

Visit our wedding website here: Clayton & Alice Wedsite
Update: Our subscription to the wedsite has expired, so the site is no longer available. However, we have purchased a compact disc containing the site and graphics!

You are Invited…

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Wedding invitations, as inevitable as they are, can silently spell the style statement of a wedding even before the actual event!

This red and white patterned card has been at the back of my mind ever since I started thinking about the wedding. To get it down on papers involved a considerable amount of time, work, understanding and tolerance!

When I see it all red and white and golden with the ribbons, I can just say it was really worth it!

And of course, “You are Invited!” 🙂

Bridal Wear Shopping…

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It was a long, unforgettable and one of its kind trip to God’s own country! STUNNED by the vastness and awesomeness of the textile showroom – Emmanuval Silks, not aware of the time slipping by, we rummaged over the collections, picking, choosing and trying on. The chandelier that paced the height of the entire five floor building, intricate lamps adorning the ceilings, lustrous lights silently lining the walls, soft music echoing in every corner, aesthetic aroma, all blending well, set the shopping spirits high and enhanced the experience. The saleswomen were friendly and became part of the our wedding purchase, dropping valuable advice and suggestions as and when needed, with their attitude being consistent throughout the day. At the end of a long and elaborate day, I returned home, not feeling a bit tired, but every bit happy and content over the greatest tradition in connection with the wedding – purchasing the bridal wear!! 🙂

100 days to go!!!

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The countdown just got exciting enough with the 100 day mark. Yes, you heard it! I am 100 days away from wedding the special person in my life…

I had once written a poem, Oh Moon! Why Do You Wax…? which when I look back now, is quite apt for my nail biting countdown experience.. I just wish these days could quickly wane into a full moon…

Some things in life are worth the wait… 🙂

And the Groom is…

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I’d always imagined my prince charming to be a mesmerizing personality with eyes that I can look upon and spend the rest of my life with…

And I am blessed enough to find my Soulmate in Clayton Calvin. He has been everything I want from my Man!

He is brilliantly intellectual and it simply is a pleasure hear him speak… He plays the guitar stunningly and leaves me awestruck!!! He is wonderfully witty and can turn every moment special… He is a good friend and  always beside me.. He sometimes turns into my philosopher and renders thoughts and illustrations beyond my comprehension.. He has an impressive composure yet, a compassionate heart.. He is such an admirable lover and makes me wanna fall in love with him all over again..!!! 🙂

It’s very rare to catch hold of the arms of the man of your dreams for real… After all, life is all about dreams coming true… And LOVE is what makes life all the more beautiful….!!!

Big Day has been fixed…

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It was in the midst of a  formal gathering of family and friends that our big day was officialised. The day was filled with surprises! It began with few of my cousins showing up all of a sudden and then my fiance himself was invited online for the gathering over Skype! As usual there was wonderful family time and loads of fun added to the special feeling of being committed officially 🙂

The Camera Edge…

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Clayton and I, we both have a passion for photography! Our connection with cameras however dates way back, and has a classic tale interlaced with our love story. We are not getting into the details though… 😉

This Canon EOS 60D is my recent buy in connection with the wedding coming up and the places we would travel and the loads of photos we would be clicking then.

I’m trying my hands on this awesome machine meanwhile..!!

Wedding Countdown…

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The countdown has been going on for a while now. And with the onset of the Wedding Countdown app by Sevenlogics, it has become all the more exciting!

Now I know how many seconds are left until we say “I do”.Even better, I know I’m how many heartbeats away from marrying the “Best friend” in my life!!!

And the countdown begins…. 🙂