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A birthday like no other!

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This birthday was like no other because we celebrated this birthday by going to New Hampshire. It was the best birthday gift I could get! I love going places and seeing new things. This time we went on the Cog rail on the White Mountains, World’s first mountain climbing train, built in 1869.



It was great to be part of a historic masterpiece. The weather was warmer when we started the ascent at about 2000 ft from the baseline, but as we went up there was snow and eventually we couldn’t go to the summit because the winds were at 70 miles/hour that day. At about 5000 ft we stopped at the Skyline switch for pictures. There was nothing but snow everywhere! I couldn’t believe my eyes. It was a wonderful experience 🙂




It was one of a kind birthday experience and I am thankful for yet another year in my life!

Biking on the South County Bike Path

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Note: This post was drafted few weeks ago and I just found time to post it 😉

When my husband surprised me by serving coffee in bed for me this Saturday, that’s when I had a feeling that the weekend was going to be eventful and memorable!

After much debate, we bought bikes this summer and it was not until this weekend we had a chance to really enjoy them. After a late breakfast, we headed to Kingston train station and started riding on the South County Bike Path

Its a 8 mile bike path and after that you could ride on the road alongside the traffic to head down to the Narraganset Town Beach. This is the farthest we have biked so far and it was a wonderful experience. The path was well laid with rest stops along the way.


2015-08-29 12.07.31

2015-08-29 12.20.30

2015-08-29 14.00.36

2015-08-29 15.37.03

2015-08-29 15.43.47


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It’s the first day of fall 2015! Did summer get past so quickly? It might have. But it sure did leave some good memories. We have a bucket list for every season in our lives. While we are chasing through the list we should remember to pause and cherish the moment.

This summer we bought new bikes and created new memories of our own. It helped us get out and explore some really beautiful and lovely landscapes that could only be possible with bikes!

One more interesting thing we did this summer was start our own hashtag! How cool is that. #claytonandalicesummer2015

We tagged all our outdoorsy adventurous and vacation pictures taken this summer using this hashtag in twitter and instagram and when you lookup you get a beautiful scrapbook of all the fun we had in the summer. Brilliant idea 🙂 Try it.

Checkout the hashtag here… claytonandalicesummer2015

Here are few pictures from the hashtag. Enjoy and happy fall 2015!!!




Midst the Chaos…

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Sometimes life becomes busy and turns into an activity list. We head from one work to another with no time left in between. When life falls into an endless rut, it is high time we take a break and pause for a moment.

Its been a long time since I wrote on my journal. Plainly, no time is a simple and neat excuse. And what I’ve been clearly missing in these busy days is the simple pleasures of “just living”.

Lakeside Cemetery
Lakeside Cemetery

Last week was one such busy rut in our lives. Clayton and I have been shuttling between appointments and suddenly he stopped the car on the right curb and said, “Join with me in the walk.” Read the rest of this entry »

Cliff Walk

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We tried to make best use of the bright and sunny day. So we checked off something from our list this Sunday that we had been wanting to do for a long time! Yes, the cliff walk! The last time we were there, it was still the early days of spring and the icy cold winds were really a thrill.

But this time was no less thrill either. It was perfect timing when we got a perfect parking spot and walked down the beginning of the trail that we spotted this beautiful rainbow! It was thrilling indeed, how the rainbow is a mark of God’s special promise to mankind.


Every time I peeped below the fence to take a look at the mighty ocean beneath, it gave my head a whirl. With beautiful, huge and historic mansions on one side and the waves of the Atlantic lapping on the rocky hills on the other, the cliff walk is a treat to behold.

Cliff Walk - New Port
Cliff Walk – New Port
Mansion along the Cliff Walk
Mansion along the Cliff Walk

Plus, it was as romantic as it could ever get, to hold hands with my beloved, and walk the trail, whilst the winds of the sea lashed our cheeks. It was another chance to witness how awesome our Creator is!

Mystic Aquarium

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It was a perfectly warm Saturday afternoon with the mercury levels shooting high above. We headed to the Mystic Aquarium in Connecticut. We had the Ocean State Library pass for the Mystic Aquarium that knocked off twelve bucks from the entrance ticket. (These passes are available for borrowing one day, applicable for two adults ($6) and two children ($4) )

Sea life has always amazed me, and with the recent visit to the creation museum and church sermons on Genesis, it has all the more made me wonder on the beautiful creation of God on the fifth day, the sea creatures!

Jelly Fish
Jelly Fish
Spotted Jelly Fish
Spotted Jelly Fish

And God said, “Let the water teem with living creatures, … So God created the great creatures of the sea and every living thing with which the water teems and that moves about in it, according to their kinds, … And God saw that it was good. God blessed them and said, “Be fruitful and increase in number and fill the water in the seas, … And there was evening, and there was morning—the fifth day. Genesis 1:20-22


I witnessed sea life of various kind, shapes, color and texture. Some were pleasant and beautiful, some were unpleasant and scary, nevertheless all were wonderful. There was the spotted jellyfish, striped zebra fish, clown fish and anemones that were a treat to the eyes! Some fishes like the Eel, Stingray and octopus were a little (actually a lot!) scary!

Out in the open, were the treats of the Arctic ocean the Penguins and Mystic Aquarium’s favorite display, the Beluga Whale. There were four of them, huge, white, and pretty! They have been trained very well and were very friendly, posing for the pictures 🙂

Beluga Whale
Beluga Whale
Beluga Whales - Feeding and Training Session
Beluga Whales – Feeding and Training Session


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It was the beginning of a long weekend, 3rd of July. We decided to watch the fireworks at the Oakland beach in Warwick. Excitement was in the air several miles ahead the beach for we were held in an endless line of traffic. So we parked the car at the next available spot and walked couple of miles and settled on our favorite spot on the rocks near the shore just in time for the fireworks! And when it started the sky lit up and drenched us in an array of colors! 🙂

_MG_5635 _MG_5656 _MG_5625 _MG_5618 _MG_5589

Memorial Day Weekend

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We kicked off the long weekend by the purchase of a new IPhone 4S for Clayton who is an Apple guy. We then watched Fast & Furious 6 after much anticipation and they didn’t disappoint us even a bit. It was a great load of fun and action packed. This is the first time I ever watched a movie on the first day of release and probably the best movie I’ve enjoyed watching this much! We had dinner after the movie at P.F.Chang’s with Clayton’s friend and his wife. Later into the day we realized it was our 5th month wedding anniversary! Sweet 🙂

We had breakfast at Panera Bread on Saturday morning which has come to be our favorite spot to hang out these days. We actually wound up there twice during this weekend. The place has got great bakery stuff and I love their Mediterranean Egg White. I personally like Panera because it was the first place Clayton took me when I came to the US. Moreover its got a soothing ambiance with the aroma of freshly baked bread and awesome hot chocolate, the best ever!
This weekend is all about eating outside, so don’t be surprised if I mention a dozen more eat-outs! Lunch was at Mexican Garibaldi, the authentic place for Mexican food, or at-least we believe. We had our favorite shrimp fajita.
We then watched Hangover III at Providence Place. I made chicken curry and dosa at home for dinner on Saturday night, one of the two times I cooked during this weekend. My husband was so good enough to grant me the vacation too, by relieving me off kitchen duty! How often can someone find such a sweet husband 🙂
Sunday was the Big Day for CSK in IPL 2013. We watched CSK walk away defeated, but enjoyed watching MSD play with commitment. We actually had fun this entire IPL season, thanks to Willow TV. Sunday night was our date night and a special one for various reasons. We celebrated with dinner at UNO Chicago Grill.
We planned and planned and planned again for Memorial Day activities. But having lunch at Pongal restaurant was the last thing on our mind. It was the only thing that we could do that day because it was a 140 mile drive up and down! We indulged in a variety of south indian cuisine starting from vada, chutney, sambar, lemon rice to mutton, gulab jamun, payasam and mango ice cream! It was definitely worth the drive.
The long weekend came to a grand closure with homemade chicken briyani and chicken 65 from our our kitchen! So good to eat home cooked food after awhile.
As I said it was all about food this weekend…

Adventures @ ISL…

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I woke up this morning falling off a rope! Of course, it was a dream. A dream so realistic, the effect of my 2 days of adventure at the Indus School of Leadership.Located at a height of about 1000 feet from sea level amidst the forest reserves of Yelagiri Hills is the ISL. Unlike the elegant and gorgeous Queen of the Hills, Yelagiri is more of a jungle landscape. I didn’t find anything admirable there and which is why we actually got to take another view of the whole picture. This was a place of more adventure and exploration.

On our first day of the training we had few team building activities. We played the Name Game, Group Juggle and the Converging Acid River. Every activity had a significant lesson packed up with it, sufficient quantities of thinking to do and a good amount of interaction within the team! I actually got to know the names of few colleagues 😉

At twilight, there was Bonfire and then we went to our tents for the night. Trust me, there is more to life than the luxuries of our homes and stuff. This I realized during my sleep at the tent and the Paintball the next day.

Discovery! It is rightly named. The elevated structure standing tall at the center of the school is where I discovered that my adventurous spirits were actually true. I realized that I don’t have the fear for heights. AWESOME is one of the words that could vaguely explain my experience out there holding to the lobster claws and balancing myself on the cables! These are few thing we should not miss in our lifetime, and I’m lucky I thought. When at last I swung off from level 2, there was an array of photo shoots to do with.
By the time the instructions for Paintball were over, I was sweating off, as my mind was fogged with these words : dangerous-fatal-bone cracking….
Paintball I assumed was a fun game, but as it turned out, it was more thrilling and challenging. I actually got to shoot one guy off the game! And our strategy of waiting in hide till the enemy’s pellets were over actually worked, and we won!

This was all about corporate team building, leadership and all that, but somewhere in the middle we get to discover an adventurer, a brave warrior or a tough sailor in oneself! These two days will never fade off from memory and I will not be surprised if I wake up again falling off a rope! 🙂


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My Activa crossed the 4 digit mark and struck 10000 kilo meters today! May not be a kodak moment for anyone, but trust me, I’d been making this countdown for quite sometime. From the moment when the wheels of the odometer geared past 9999 I was thrilled and looking out for the locale on the Gandhi Mandapam Road to capture the moment.This stretch of road is sandwiched between the two traffic borne lanes of the city, the Mount Road and the OMR. Contrary to these two roads, GM Road is arrayed with shady trees on either sides and one can spot few well known places too, the Anna Centenary Library and the Birla Planetarium to name a few.

It was on this road that My Activa land-marked her 10000 kilo meter journey! Sometimes we find pleasure in the little things in life…