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Who can separate the fragrance from a blossom..?

Who can isolate the stars from the sky..?

Who can snatch away the roaring waves from the sea..?

Who can steal the colours from the rainbow..?

Who can seize the echoes from the woods..?

Who dare separate you and me..?!

A Birthday Countdown… 3… 2… 1… 0..!

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One hour to go…
For the dawn of a morn that means so much to you!

55 minutes to go…
For the daybreak to bestow its good wishes on you!

45 minutes to go…
For the rise of a new sunshine to warm your day with harmony!

30 minutes to go…
For the sunbeams atop the hills, to promise you the great heights you ought to scale!

20 minutes to go…
For the birds of the air to chant welcome notes for the SPECIAL PERSON of the day!

10 minutes to go…
For the birth of another year filled with Happiness, Joy, Peace and Excitement!

5 minutes to go…
For some of the special moments that you would cherish for a lifetime!

Rain Reminds Me…

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Rain Reminds Me…
Of small paper boats that i used to sail when i was a kid.
I watched them sail victoriously,
Only to drown away into the stagnant water.

Rain Reminds Me…
Of the colourful rainbow that i saw.
I admired it enthusiastically,
Only to see them fade away.

Rain Reminds Me…
Of declared holidays.
I enjoyed them to the utmost,
Only to be back to school again.

Rain Reminds Me…
Of days spent in the hills.
I experienced mist and fog,
Only to see the sunshine again.

Rain Reminds Me…
Of monsterous thunder,
I was filled with panic,
Only to wake up, thinking it were a dream.

Rain Reminds Me…
Of heart throbbing lightnings,
Flooded city roads,
Of stranded in electricity trains,
Of an endless journey.

Rain Reminds Me…
Of lazy morns,
Gloomy noons,
“Don’t play in the rain!” evenings,
Troating and squeaking nights,
Best of all…
A memorable rainy season!!!

Lost Love

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When my life was sunk in darkness,
You came as a shining full moon!

When the flower of my life had lost its fragrance,
You bestowed the scent to its blossoms!

Upon the dry lands of my life,
You came as the fresh droplets of rain!

Is it fair that you rob away,
The brightness, fragrance and freshness of my life!

And leave it as a,
Dark night, Stale flower and Desrt?

My Friend, Philosopher and Guide

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What could she mean to me?
She is more than what I could see!
A blossom amidst weed,
She is a gem indeed.
My anxieties and difficulties she understood,
And strives hard to make me good.
When my determinations are less strong,
She recognizes that something is wrong!
This friend guide of mine,
Could make my actions refine.
To this friend philosopher I do owe,
All my success that are in store.
My heart soul and mind,
Will always be grateful to this friend so kind!

My Intimate Friend

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Oh! my friend dear,
I covet your presence ever near.
In your soothing words do I find,
All the peace and comfort for my mind.
I always find you humble,
And authority you do not fumble.
Your comely discourse whatsoever,
Makes my heart to hover.
Sweet memories of you I want to cherish,
And tend it without a blemish.
In you do I find a disposition meticulous,
Absolute and whole without jealous.
To treasure a friend like you,
Is the privilege of only few!!!

‘BYK’ Your Life

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Though life might be a tumultuous ‘CRUX’
Encumber the ‘ENTICER’s
You need to be ardent and ‘FIER(y)O’
Let us not be splinters but ‘SP(L)ICE’
And enjoy the ‘SPLENDOR’ and grandeur of life
Sustain it with ‘PASSION’
And scrutinize the ‘VICTORY’ ‘DAWN’ in your life
You are then a personage of high ‘CALIBER’ and
The emissary of ‘JOY’
Then it’s the fair time to say ‘HOODIBABAA’!!! (Surprise)

A, B, C, D… of Life

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Acknowledge that you are someone special
Believe that you can be influential
Confined in this vociferous realm
Dare not to slumber and dream
Evade every reprove and hurry
Forget every distress and worry
Grow with knowledge every day
Hoist your talents, else you have to pay
Intensify them with courage
Jaded hopes are only a mirage
Kind words, positive vibrations spread
Laugh away the sorrows, when along life’s path you tread
Mourn not over your present state
Never blame situations and fate
Oppress not the meek and needy
Pray that you should never be greedy
Quench your thirst for wisdom
Reform your thoughts and expel boredom
Surpass every occurrence of strife
Taste the essence of life
Utilize every opportunity
Vanquish injustice, pride and diversity
Without enthusiasm the soul might turn weak
X-cellent you should be, and so advices you should seek
Yokes may come and go in this life
Zenith you should reach, so live worthwhile

Oh Moon! Why Do You Wax…?

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When I stand behind my window panes,
I ponder why the moon ever wanes!!!
The wholesome witness of a blissful night,
Recklessly subside in my wary sight!
Causing a wreckage to my wistful night,
And thrusting me into a disheartening plight!!!
But as I kept gazing at the masterpiece abate,
It proposed a concept pertaining to my present state…
The tranquility of the new moon a million words convey,
The inability to commune with my love it portray…
Setting my heart in deep dismay,
Serenity, serenity all the way!!!
While on my bed I sadly lay,
My eyes are filled with tears,!, There are no more words to say,,,…
The celestial body promised that the curse it would throw,
By wiping the tears off my brow…
That within a fortnight it would grow,
To bridge the gap and discard all my sorrow…