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Citrus – Book Review

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Citrus is the first recipe book that I had ever read cover to cover. Maybe I read it because I had to write the review but then again I realized that the book was exciting and not just another recipe book.

Citrus by Valerie and Victoria

Citrus by Valerie Aikman-Smith and Victoria Pearson unravels the entire family of citrus fruits, lemon, lime, grapefruit, mandarin, orange, you name it! Each recipe is wonderfully and uniquely crafted with utmost passion and creativity. The recipes are categorized by fruit type. You can also find an index with dishes by course which I find very helpful. There is this whole array of food you can make with citrus fruits as a main ingredient that I had not known or imagined before. This book is an eye opener, especially as the winter approaches. I can’t wait to try more of the recipes from this book.

This book was given to me by Blogging For Books for FREE in return for my review.

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Forever Friday by Timothy Lewis

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This is the story of Adam discovering a collection of postcard poems written by Gabe to Huck for 60 years after their marriage. Intrigued by the collection and devotion to mail poems every friday to his love, Adam sets out to discover the love story of Huck and Gabe and the secret to their long lasting and devoted marriage. At the end he discovers new hope in marriage.

The Idea behind the book was intriguing. More so was the fact that a husband could send poem postcards to his wife every Friday for 60 years. It is just beyond imagination! Within the book there are pointers to selfless love and commitment to married life. This is emphasized by a strategy the author calls “The Long Division Problem”. The book paints a neat love story between Huck and Gabe, tremendously in love and at the same time going through the ups and downs every couple faces in their life. I liked the parts where I got to know more about life in the early 1900s. I liked it for its story line and fell in love with the love story of Gabe and Huck!

Two Shall Be One…

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It’s been quite sometime since I read a book as I was busy sewing new year gifts. And it is so much refreshing to start reading again. Especially, this book “Two Shall Be One” by C M Ward, which my mom passed on to me from her collections is a great one!

It is filled with loads of practical stuffs for a successful marital life. The author has exquisitely portrayed every little detail that may boost or play havoc in a relationship and lines it up with pretty pretty illustrations. I admire the way in which when he tries to state a fact, he staples it with a Bible verse that is stunningly precise!!

The manner in which the book is scripted, make one to appreciate the tiny little details of this magical relationship. There are points of admiration, moments of decision making, places for resolutions and promises. I’ve convinced myself to read this again, at least once in a couple of years.

The book ends on this note, and also, it is one of my favorite lines from the book:
Learn the secrets of making your marriage last, so you can walk into the sunset together – not as two, but as one.

Here are few places where you can buy this book: Infibeam, Amazon

Other Side of Sidney…

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I just finished another of Sidney Sheldon. But this time it was “Other Side of Me”, his autobiography. I had just known Sidney as a wonderful novelist who could make his characters come to life, build heritage, device murderous plots, fight for justice and be the master of the game. But I was wrong, totally. In his autobiography that ran to 355 pages, only in the last ten pages has he talked about his experience as a novelist.

Sydney has had a great life which he himself compares to a “roller-coaster ride”. He had written a number of Broadway plays, produced and directed films, worked with Metro Goldwyn Mayor and other studios at Hollywood. In this book, he uses the phrases “the elevator is up”, and “the elevator is down”, so frequently to point out how his life has been one of struggles and of success. He has faced huge triumphs like winning the Oscars, and also had king-sized failures.

Every page of the book was so filled with life, buzzing with activity, of the variety of jobs he pursued and multitude of tasks by which he kept himself occupied. The thing that inspires me most was his perseverance to keep his passion for writing alive, amidst all odds! And to know that for every novel that he penned, he had done a research makes me read them with more thrill and satisfaction.

“Life is like a novel. It’s filled with suspense. You have no idea what is going to happen until you turn the page.”

Pleasures of Reading…

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The habit of reading is one that has to be nurtured well by deciding on the right choice to start with. Further it has to be always a fun element, so that we can watch ourselves being carried away in the course of the book.

The art of acquisition of the reading habit is very often subject to debates, which claim that the hobby might be inherited from the family line. But anyone who is hooked to this remarkable avocation will promptly claim that the basic instinct has to be well nurtured until it takes on a serious note.

However there are various ground works that needs to be attended to, before having to adopt reading as a leisure activity. One has to determine what sort of books he is comfortable with before landing up with a clumsy, irksome stuff that least suits his appetite.

The choice of books speaks volumes for one’s refined and cultured aesthetics. Moreover it would not be unjust to postulate that it personifies oneself.

There is of course a wide spectrum of choices available, from which the reader has to choose one that clearly provides an entertaining element rather than being intellectual. Because at the end of the day, we almost always read for pleasure than to gain some reflective thoughts out of it.

The feeling of pleasure and satisfaction that one derives out of reading can be highly applauding for simple reasons that one has settled down with a right number, at the right time and with right spirits.

There is also this huge bunch of pedants who ferry after every sort of book, seeking information in every bits and pieces. They seem to have quenched themselves with all the information wealth available, but failed to recognize that while on their hunt for discernment they had missed the real pleasure of reading.

Reading is undoubtedly by any means, a rewarding experience. And its always a great feeling to let ourselves carried away along the course of the book.