Biking at Cape Cod Canal

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I’ve realized lately that if you want to get yourself out there and explore places, take your new camera or bike out for a spin, you got to make a lot of sacrifices. You got to plan and this might involve giving up sleeping in on a Saturday. But the outcome is going to be worth it!

That’s exactly what happened last weekend when we decided to explore this new bike path that we had passed by few months ago. We had a hearty brunch at NorthWorks , a fine little restaurant in North Attleboro, Massachusetts. We tried Belgian waffles for the first time!

Belgian Waffles

We headed to Sandwich, MA and biked for about two miles up to the Sagamore bridge. It was a windy morning and the cool crisp fall winds, added to the proximity of the canal made it difficult to bike longer than that. But the ride was nice and we passed by some oil tank cargo ships (probably) and spotted a lot of birds.

Cape Cod Canal Bike Path

Cape Cod Canal Bike Path3

double-crested cormorants

How else are you gonna spot a double-crested cormorants (totally googled it) up so close!




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